Trillium Wood Golf Plan Plus


  • Full Golf Plan privileges
  • Golf Plan rates all year
  • 3 additional Golf Plan rounds
  • You must add “TW Golf Plan Plus 3 Pack Green Fees” to your cart in order to complete the full Golf Plan Plus package.
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Unrestricted play any time.  Receive all the benefits that our full members receive (reduced cart rates etc), play in our club championship…and more!

With GolfPlan Plus you receive 3 additional GolfPlan rounds on top of your GolfPlan membership!

Important: When purchasing Golf Plan Plus, you must add “TW Golf Plan Plus 3 Pack Green Fees” to your cart in order to get all the benefits of the Golf Plan Plus on your account.

GolfPlan is geared for the golfer who does not play enough golf to justify the cost of a traditional full golf club membership.

As well, GolfPlan allows you to play at 3 great golf course, Trillium Wood Golf Club, Roundel Glen Golf Club, and Frankford Golf Course.

If you play more than 10 times a season but less than 30 rounds a season, Golfplan is an affordable way to play at 3 different golf courses without the upfront risk of knowing how much golf you plan to play and at a reduced price!

You will receive two emails after purchase. The first email will confirm your subscription to GolfPlan. The second email will have the Free round coupon. You can set up your account and view your coupon electronically. You will not receive a paper coupon.